Are X-tend and Pro-Healer injectables?

It is true that X-tend and Pro-Healer come in inject-able vials but that is not the reason or intended purpose.
X-tend and Pro-Healer are made from combining amino acids and creating a peptide that is basically a protein in structure.  Proteins are susceptible to external influences such as bacteria, so they are made in a germ free environment and put into the air tight medical vials to keep them safe from any external contamination.

Oral or not

X-tend comes with a dropper bottle but the powder is in injection vials. What is the proper way for using it?

The tetra-peptide A.E.D.G. is only 4 amino acids and as such will absorb into the body very quickly. Drops under the tongue is more than viable but there are those that feel that they are willing to use a syringe and want to make sure as much as possible enters the blood stream. The choice is up to you and your experimentation.