I don’t have a sponsor, How do I sign up?

Biotrends no longer requires a sponsor or KeyCode to sign up.  In fact, sign up is automatic upon purchase.  If you make a purchase and your email address is recognized as being a member, you will be asked to log in.

Why do I have to be a member to purchase from this site?

This site is a private shopping cart for member’s only. You must have been referred to join and will be given a custom link or KeyCode to do so.
The items on this site are not massed produced and are intended for discerning individuals that would prefer to keep their purchases private. For this reason, we make any purchasing information and all transactions 100% confidential
We are sorry but there are no exceptions to this rule.

Why can’t I sign up?

There are multiple reason why your signup may not be working.
Any field with an “*” is required. Upon unsuccessfully trying to sign up, if you have not filled out a required field, it should be highlighted in red. Please be sure to enter all required information and try again.

If the field missing is KeyCode, please be sure to enter the KeyCode that was given to you by your referrer. If you do not have a referrer, please contact us with the information of how you found our site and we will try to locate your referrer to get you your KeyCode. Without it, you cannot sign up for the site.