How to use.

As NAD+ is a non-toxic supplement, there are no fixed doses or prescriptions.
Everyone’s body can utilize more or less based upon your bodies needs, age, condition…….
We suggest taking 1 capsule twice a day, morning and evening but not too close to bed time as it does release oxygen to the blood stream which can give an effect of alertness and energy.
If you feel you can handle more, you can try but we do suggest you not exceed 4 capsules per day.
If you feel too uncomfortable from taking 2 then you can try just one.  You really need to see what fits you and your situation best.

After opening the canister, it is best to keep the NAD+ in the Fridge or Freezer but make sure the lid is snapped down tightly and keep the silicon pack inside as moisture is NAD+’s enemy.

Always pour the capsules out into the palm of your hand, do not reach inside the container and do not get any water or moisture inside.

Mixing and using my Pro-Healer

The vials are sealed air tight after the protein has been freeze-dried so they are sterile and a syringe can be used for the application.  Unfortunately it is not ethical or legal for us to provide this kind of use information so we suggest that you get with your group, sponsor or do an online search for this information.  Please understand that we are producers and suppliers, not pharmacists or doctors.  We cannot condone this kind of use.

For topical or oral, the two  vials of BPC-157 also come with a dropper bottle.  You can add 8ml of distilled or sterilized water into one vial to dissolve the powder.  Lightly swirl then pour the contents into the blue dropper bottle.

Keep the unused vial in the freezer until you are ready to use it, it can last for up to 1 year.
Keep the mixed solution, in the dropper bottle, in the refrigerator as it will keep longer that way.  It can last for 2 months this way.




External (Cut, abrasion or burn) – Clean the area well with mild soap and water.  Apply directly to the affected area and lightly rub in.  1 to 2 drops per 2″square.  Alternately, you may apply a few drops directly on a pad or a bandage and put over the affected area.  Repeat this daily.


Internal use – Using the dropper, put 6 to 7 drops in your mouth.  You do not need to put under your tongue, simply swallow.  Repeat 2 times daily, morning and night.  It is not necessary to take on an empty stomach but do not take while you are eating.
To heal sores in your mouth, hold in your mouth for 5 minutes before swallowing.