Why is my package taking so long?

The time of your delivery depends on many factors.

1. How you decided to have it shipped. Our free or low cost shipping options will obviously taking longer. The time for deliver can vary greatly in these services.
2. What country you live in. When your package needs to be delivered to you by your local postal service, this can often greatly affect its deliver time. This is due to strikes, quality of postal service, your location and delivery times. This is greatly hindered during the holidays.
3. Customs issues. In some countries, especially the EU, customs can get concerned if you have a lot of product in a package. If you have more than can normally be used by you in 1 months time then they will tend to believe you are buying wholesale and reselling. In this case they may require more information from you or us and can greatly delay things. If you buy a lot of any item, we will usually split up the delivery into more than 1 package and we will pay for the extra shipping. Customs can also be an issue if they are unfamiliar with the product. In this case, we provide them will everything we can but it will still delay your shipping.
4. Incorrect address or PO box. Some postal services will not deliver packages to PO Boxes. Please check with yours in advance to confirm they can accept packages that require signature. Also, log into your account and review your address carefully to make sure everything is correct.
5. The package has been lost. This is a terrible thought but we have seen it a few times. If your package does get lost, we normally will help you with providing a new shipment.

With all orders, after you order has been received, packaged and shipped, we will send you an email letting you know it has been shipped along with a tracking number, if available. Using your tracking number and the link we provide to look up your parcel, this is the easiest way to know what is going on with your shipment. Of course you are always welcome to contact us but in fact, we can only contact HK postal service and they in turn have to contact your postal service which can take over a week to hear back from them. It is quicker for you to contact your postal service directly.

Please remember that we do not deliver your packages personally so have no way to increase the time of deliver, nor are we responsible for the delays. We understand your frustrations and we truly do want you to have your products as fast as possible.