X-TendTM (Epithalone/Epitalon/A.E.D.G.) 100mg

100mg Pure A.E.D.G. (Epitalon)

Pure A.E.D.G. in sealed vials (Lipolized powder form).
This product is only sold in sets of 2 vials.

2 X 50mg vials – total 100mg A.E.D.G.


This protein powder is guaranteed to be >98% purity to provide the best possible results for your lab and scientific studies.





What is X-tend:
Biotrends has created its product and given it a trade marked name of X-tendTM. X-tendTM is pure A.E.D.G. (Ala-Glu_Asp-Gly) The compound is made from 4 amino acids combined in a specific way and as such is known in the scientific community as A.E.D.G. Biotrends was the first lab to produce and promote A.E.D.G. to labs and universities so we have had ample time to perfect our process which is important as this small tetra-peptide is actually very fragile during production, easy to absorb moisture and degrade. X-Tend is pure A.E.D.G. (Epitalon) cleansed and filtered to greater than 98% purity and freeze dried into sterile vials of 50mg each.
What does it do:
Epitalon regulates cell function by triggering the production of telomerase. Telomerase is a natural occurring protein in the body that protects and repairs telomere’s. Telomere’s are on the ends of your DNA strands that act similar to aglet’s on the end of your shoe laces. They help to protect the DNA allowing the cells to properly divide thus replenishing old cells. Long telomere’s will also help correct errors in DNA during cell division and prevent cellular degeneration.
How to care for it:
With your vials of X-tendTM is included a dropper bottle in case you would like to use via sub-lingual. You can mix 8ml of distilled water into the vial, swirl to mix well and pour into the dropper bottle. Each 1 drop will have roughly .4mg of A.E.D.G. Keep the dropper bottle in the refrigerator. Keep any un-opened vials of X-tendTM in the freezer.  They can last in a freezer for up to 18 months.  After 18 months they will start to slowly degrade.