Super Set II

Based on feedback from our members, we present the new Super Set.

All New Set Super designed around the feed back from our members.
This set is designed to combine and thus optimize the potential of our products working together

This set includes:

2 EA – bottles 15g NAD+ capsules (30g total)
1 EA – Box of X-tends, includes 2 vials (50mg each/100mg total) A.E.D.G. (Epitalon)
1 EA – Pro-Healer set containing 2 X 50mg vials of BPC-157 (100mg total)

This set is for 1 month of rejuvenation, Energy, cell renewal, longevity and repair.
2 NAD+ capsules morning and night 30 minutes to 1 hour before or after eating.
2 to 5mg a day of X-tends. (mix according to box instructions/1 drop apx = .48mg)
6 drops of Pro-healer 3 in the morning and 3 at night, best 1 hour before or after eating).

this Super Set is also available as a Auto Monthly
Both sets have free shipping (EC shipping), but we suggest you use Speed Post for those orders.


You save $350.63 (46%)!