CIS 180 (180 agulhas micro @ 0,5 mm) Ajuda a remover rugosidade, rugas, cicatrizes e descoloração.

Rolo pequeno com 180 agulhas micro com 0,5 mm de comprimento. Para pequenos, difíceis de obter e concurso áreas como em torno e sob os olhos, os lados do nariz, etc …,

Inclui estojo de transporte e armazenamento que também atua como suporte para limpeza / esterilização do rolo, protegendo-o de danos.


1. Use alcohol to disinfect the needles of the roller and the skin where you will apply the treatment. 2. Using moderate pressure (not hard) roll across treatment area in 4 directions, up and down, left to right, 45 degrees left and 45 degrees right, 6 times each. Be sure to roll in a straight lines. Do not allow side to side movement. Keep pressure speed and direction consistent at all times. 3. Do not try to apply to an area larger then 6cm X 6cm at a time. Break up larger areas into several smaller applications. 4. Thoroughly rinse your roller with alcohol and store in its plastic container until next use. 5. Second and subsequent applications – wait at least 1 week between applications or until the skin is sufficiently healed from the previous application. These instructions and a diagram are on the packaging.