CIS1200 (1200 microagujas de 1,5 mm) para suavizar la piel áspera, arrugada, o con cicatrices o decoloración.

Nuestro rodillo más grande con 1.200 microagujas en 1,5 mm de longitud. Para superficies grandes, cicatrices, y decoloración. Incluye una funda de transporte y almacenamiento, que también sirve como soporte para la limpieza/esterilización del rodillo mientras lo protege de daño.


1. Use alcohol to disinfect the needles of the roller and the skin where you will apply the treatment. 2. Using moderate pressure (not hard) roll across treatment area in 4 directions, up and down, left to right, 45 degrees left and 45 degrees right, 6 times each. Be sure to roll in a straight lines. Do not allow side to side movement. Keep pressure speed and direction consistent at all times. 3. Do not try to apply to an area larger then 6cm X 6cm at a time. Break up larger areas into several smaller applications. 4. Thoroughly rinse your roller with alcohol and store in its plastic container until next use. 5. Second and subsequent applications – wait at least 1 week between applications or until the skin is sufficiently healed from the previous application. These instructions and a diagram are on the packaging.