Holiday’s 20% discount

It’s that time of year again, the holidays are upon us and so are the savings.

Beginning Friday the 23rd of Nov. all products will have an extra 20% discount on top of any other pre-existing discounts.

What better gift to give then the gift of life extention?  There is still time to place orders to arrive for Christmas.

Happy Holiday’s From all of us at Biotrends


For those on Monthly, your oders will be rebated 20%, after payments complete, during the discount period

20% OFF all NAD+

The response is in and NAD+ is a big winner.  People feel and see the effects of this wonder supplement quickly and profoundly.
Because of the increased interest and use we want to give every incentive that we can to help those still on the edge take that leap and try this amazing product.
Starting today, 7/17/18, Biotrends will sell all NAD+ at 20% off.  This includes in any combos set (the combo set prices have been adjusted with 20% more deducted from the already reduced amount in the set).
So, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and give it a try, there has never been a better time or a better price.

New AutoPay/Shipping Is HERE!!!

The change over is complete.  You will note that we no longer have the, “monthly” items listed as all items now can be “Monthly”.
As we mentioned before, the discount has changed now to 5% instead of 10% and no free shipping but our new EC shipping is a very low price every day.

When you make your Auto Monthly purchase, just select the item/s that you want and at check out, tick the, “Auto Monthy” option for payment.  This will direct you to PayPal where you can use your existing account to activate the monthly, or, if you do not have a PayPal account, you will need to set one up with a Credit Card.  Once you have completed this, there is nothing more for you to do, the payments from your Credit Card will be automatic as will be your monthly shipments.
If at any time you wish to change your monthly order, or cancel it altogether, please remember to log into your PayPal account and cancel the AutoPay to us there.  We cannot do it from our side.  For a change in your Monthly order you will also cancel the existing in PayPal and then just initiate a new Monthly order from our website with the new items you wish.



當您使用PayPal /信用卡選項付款時,您將來到PayPal支付頁面,在登錄PayPal帳戶下面,將是一個“沒有PayPal帳戶”的鏈接, 一定要點擊這個。