Holiday Sales Start Early This Year!!!!

With all the terrible things going on around the world, we felt it was time to have some good news for a change.

We have begun our Holiday Sales early this year, as of today 11/7/2017, to try and give some relief to those of you out there that have been feeling the pinch in the economy.

You are going to find some Amazing deals with some dramatic discounts on most of our items.  We are sure it will put a smile on your face.

These discounts are reflected down into the Super Sets and the Monthly purchases but we are going to have a change to the Monthly at the end of this month.  Starting Dec. 1st we will remove the monthly purchase option and the great discount that it was offering.  We just have too many people abusing that.  On the other hand, you have 1 more month to get onto the monthly order and take advantage of that extra savings now.  Anyone who signs up for Monthly before we close it out, and, anyone already on the Monthly will be able to retain that savings for as long as they continue to purchase their monthly orders.  However, if you fail to pay one month, we are sorry, but, we will no longer offer that pricing to you after that point.

May your holidays be bright and may we all have a long and prosperous life.

Free Soap Sample

In this month of October some of you who place orders may find a free sample of Strawberry Soap. This is body soap with a big list of stuff in it that we found to be very good for your skin “not for face”.
This soap includes:

White strawberry
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Vitamin B3
Alpha Arbutin

If you receive one of these, please try and give us feed back. If enough people say they like it and its results on skin, we will include it in our offers.

Thank you,
Biotrends Team


Change to Autoship

We were very excited to offer autoship to our members at a reduced rate and free shipping. Unfortunately some members have choosen to abuse our honesty policy.

Most companies, when they set up autoship, do so to enable automatic payments from your credit card. We never capture anyones CC information and we never autocharge. We only send invoicing, wait for payment then ship product once paid.

There has been a large number of members that have purchased the auto-ship at the lower price and then did not continue with the mandatory 2 more monthly purchases taking advantage of our faith in the honesty of our members.

We have now added extensive verbiage to all Monthly products.  This is to ensure that there is no misunderstanding or miscommunication with regards to the requirements for the Monthly purchase.  Now if anyone does not fulfill the 3 months purchase, we will back bill for the price difference and the shipping.  Please be sure you are aware of what you are buying and read all notices in the description of the product.


我們針對了一些產品, 可以每月訂購加上有9折優惠和免費送貨(僅空郵掛號)。



我們不會”自動轉帳”來支付產品, 在所有情況下,我們只會提供9折的優惠和你只須要同意購買3個月的產品。此外,我們從來沒有要求任何你的信用卡資料。所有的交易,甚至信用卡交易,都是由Paypal 代為處理。你的資料都不會被保存和我們網站上。我們還想給人們一點寬容的購買日期,也許你沒有足夠的資金, 完成下一次訂購。這是可以! 可以等待直到你可以支付帳單為止,正是這個原因,我們每個月都會發出一個新的訂購發票。當你支付完成後,我們會寄出。您可以靈活地更改幾天日期,或最初的3個月後,就沒有支付以後的發票來取消自動每月。



當您使用PayPal /信用卡選項付款時,您將來到PayPal支付頁面,在登錄PayPal帳戶下面,將是一個“沒有PayPal帳戶”的鏈接, 一定要點擊這個。






4 或以上

Biotrends 隨著時間它改變了許多原本折扣,並已經有很多銷售,但我們的價格降低購買任何項目4仍然存在。 此折扣不受任何限制,適用於任何項目,即使與其他折扣或銷售相結合仍然有效。 無論在什麼情況下,當你購買任何項目的4,你會得到額外的10%的項目成本。 例如:即使我們提供一個特別的激烈的2為1,當你買4件或更多件,你會得到一個額外的10%的2的1價格