New Lower Pricing Causing Confusion

Our new lower pricing has confused some people and caused some concern for monthly orders. Please don’t worry, all is OK and we have your back.

The new pricing is permanent, it is not a sale or a discount. This means that any discounts, such as our 10% off for 4 pcs of any item or more is ontop of the new pricing.
Anyone who had monthly auto-ship set up, we have gone in and reduced your pricing to the new amounts minus the 5% monthly discount. If for any reason we did not catch your order and you received billing for the old amounts, just let us know, we will refund the difference and make sure it is adjusted accordingly.

One other thing to mention is that the SuperSets may appear to be extremely lower in price than before but this is not only because of the price reductions. This is also because we found that the SuperSets had far more NAD+ then was necessary for the one month supply. If anyone still wants to receive the larger amount of NAD+ in the SuperSet, contact us and we can make a custom SuperSet for you.

All this having been said, if you have not yet gone to the site to see the new pricing, we highly encourage you to do so. We know you will be pleasantly surprised as the prices have drop nearly 50% on many things. This was the “BIG” drop that we always had talked about, hoping to do, for a long time. It is a very exciting time that now more people will be able to afford these products and those already using will be able to experiment with larger quantities.

Wishing you the very best,
The Biotrends Team