Discounts Everywhere!!!

We have never had such a wide array of discounts as we do right now.  Almost everything is on some kind of sale, on top of our always 10% discount for 4 or more of any items and an additional 5% for monthly orders.

We now have a Super Set II that includes X-Tend instead of Nouvelle Vie and both super sets are extremely discounted.  We want people to have the opportunity to try the Super Sets as we truly believe this is the best way to get the benefit that you are looking for.

Remember, no matter what products you choose to trial, it is important that you take it long enough to truly reap the rewards (benefits) that you are looking for.  Just buying and taking something for 1 month is almost like throwing your money out the window.  All things take time.  It has taken many years to get to where you are now and that is not going to reverse and change in 1 month.

Best regards,
Biotrends Team