Holiday Sales Start Early This Year!!!!

With all the terrible things going on around the world, we felt it was time to have some good news for a change.

We have begun our Holiday Sales early this year, as of today 11/7/2017, to try and give some relief to those of you out there that have been feeling the pinch in the economy.

You are going to find some Amazing deals with some dramatic discounts on most of our items.  We are sure it will put a smile on your face.

These discounts are reflected down into the Super Sets and the Monthly purchases but we are going to have a change to the Monthly at the end of this month.  Starting Dec. 1st we will remove the monthly purchase option and the great discount that it was offering.  We just have too many people abusing that.  On the other hand, you have 1 more month to get onto the monthly order and take advantage of that extra savings now.  Anyone who signs up for Monthly before we close it out, and, anyone already on the Monthly will be able to retain that savings for as long as they continue to purchase their monthly orders.  However, if you fail to pay one month, we are sorry, but, we will no longer offer that pricing to you after that point.

May your holidays be bright and may we all have a long and prosperous life.