Change to Autoship

We were very excited to offer autoship to our members at a reduced rate and free shipping. Unfortunately some members have choosen to abuse our honesty policy.

Most companies, when they set up autoship, do so to enable automatic payments from your credit card. We never capture anyones CC information and we never autocharge. We only send invoicing, wait for payment then ship product once paid.

There has been a large number of members that have purchased the autoship at the lower price and then did not continue with the mandatory 2 more monthly purchases taking advantage of our faith in the honesty of our members.

For this reason, effective May 1st, we will end the honesty payment system and future autoships will need to be registered through PayPal with a credit card.

We feel sad that the dishonesty of some will cause problems for others but we must protect ourselfs. Sorry, in advance for any hardship this may cause