Monthly re-orders here, now!!

Some of our select products are now available for monthly shipping with a 10% discount and free shipping (registered mail only).

Any of the products that you find with “Monthly” in the name are available for automatic billing and shipping each month. We make this offering for products that are meant to be taken on a regular basis to maintain the benefits they provide.

We do not “Auto Charge” for these products. In all cases, to achieve the 10% discount, you only need to agree to purchase 3 months of the product. In addition, we never receive your credit card information at any time in any way. All transactions, even credit card transactions, are all handled by PayPal. None of your information is stored or even entered on our site. We also want to give people a little leniency on the purchase date. Perhaps you don’t have funds exactly the day your order is to renew. That’s OK, just wait until you do and then pay the invoice. It is for this reason that we send a new invoice each month for your purchase that month. After you pay it, we ship it, that simple. You have the flexibility to change the date by a few days, or, to cancel the auto monthly by simply not paying for future invoices after the initial 3 months.